Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Oasis on Channel 10 News!

One of my favorite organizations is
The Oasis Sanctuary in Benson, AZ. Anyone, not familiar with The Oasis can find out more at rescue. The Oasis is a very special place and I'm looking forward to making a trip in April to see the work they do first hand. I know that it will be a memorable trip because I'll be able to visit with the birds in their care. As an Oasis member, I received an email today sharing news about a TV Special Report broadcast in which they participated. The news coverage focuses on parrot smuggling, overbreeding and neglect. I believe this broadcast will be something every bird lover should see, so I'm sharing Sybil Erden's (The Oasis' Founder and Director) email below:

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Dear Friends of the Oasis ....

Channel 10, the FOX TV affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona is doing a Special on Parrot smuggling, over-breeding and neglect. They contacted us and came down to document some of the birds we have here who came to us under less-than-perfect circumstances....

The reporter, Keith Yaskin, called to let me know that we will be on the 9 PM News on Fox 10 in Phoenix, on this coming Monday, November 5th.

For all of us outside the Phoenix area, we can see the Special Report any time after 10 pm on Monday by going to then scrolling to the bottom of the page and finding "Specials". Then go to Special Reports and you will meet some of our birds who had a difficult time before coming to the Sanctuary.

Hope you enjoy the report!


Sybil Erden, Executive Director
The Oasis Sanctuary

I hope that you'll watch the report ... we all need to be aware of the circumstances that many birds endure so that we make the best decisions about how we care for our birds and support the pet bird industry. I hope you'll join me in supporting the much needed work at The Oasis Sanctuary.